Thursday, April 08, 2010

Thoughts and prayer requests

The thoughts and prayer requests going through my head are the following, please note, these are in no particular order:
  • I wish I could afford a new car. I love the car I drive, a 1998 Subaru Forester with just under 230,000 miles, but it's not in the best of health. Subby and I talk frequently about survival skills. We cheer each other on. Yes, the car and I converse. :)
  • I would really like a job teaching secondary mathematics, ASAP. And not just any job. A fabulous job with wonderful co-workers and a great administration, like I had at Mac Arthur HS, in NEISD. I know I am an excellent teacher!
  • I would love to be given someones gently used clothes they don't want/wear anymore. Awesome finds--2 Lilly Pulitzer skirts, NWT, for $2/each, at a used clothing store. You know you need to invest in some new clothing when you put your shorts on and they don't even sort of fit. It's a good thing, I'm to a healthy weight now.
  • Going back to the post, "I'm wet, too!" ...I was sticking pins in the water balloon of sin, rather than a knife, maybe. But I was still getting wet. My friend Steven made a good comment, "a little water overtime can turn into a flood." I also know, I'm not the only one getting wet from my sin; sadly, those around me do too. My sin does not just make me wet.
  • My dreams the past few nights have been long, drawn out and very vivid. They are not bad dreams, but they are repeating, throughout the night. A couple nights ago, I dreamed that person after person was beating me down, discouraging me, except for one person, who had overheard a friend of mine saying lies about me. In response she stood up, in a very loud, deep, and clear voice, saying, "I know she would not do that. That is not Faith's character." The dream went on and on, but that was the most interesting part to me. And then last night, I was dreaming that person after person refused to help me. I asked for help, and then once again, I asked for help, but to no avail, I was refused. Finally, after continued persistence, someone was able to give me some help, but they took me on the most absurd route. I woke up en route, therefore I do not know if I got to the destination, but I was really annoyed that it was taking so long.

I find that in each of these things, I want to trust God, but the past few years have been extremely difficult in many different ways, and I am exhausted! One challenge after another leaves one feeling victorious, but also worn out. Sweet victory is not easy; and I'm feeling it day after day.

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