Saturday, April 10, 2010

St. Mary's University Rattler 5K Run

Distance: 5K (3.1069 mi)
Goal Time: 30 minutes (10:00 min/mi approx)
Actual Time: 00:28:32 (09:11 min/mi)
55/148 racers total
20/76 women
4th finisher in my bracket

I chose this race, so that I could have a 5K race for training purposes. I have not run a 5K in a couple of years. I am pleased with my time, although frustrated, because I slowed down on the last mile. This race was fairly boring, and not very well organized. Hopefully next year they will do a better job!

My first thoughts were, "is this race ever going to start!?" Five or ten minutes after 8am, the organizer started the race. The race itself was short and sweet. I did not take the one water break offered. Upon completing the race, I took off my chip, and drove home--I was meeting some friends to drive up to Austin, TX, for the day. :)

Myself in ATX, on the UT Campus

State Capitol, Austin, Texas

The girls! We went to Juan in a Million...I had heard about it on NPR and was oober excited to go! The food was pretty good, huge servings, and cheap!

All four of us

Myself with my good friend, Kate. We were able to meet up with her for a little while!

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Ann said...

Great job on the race Faith! I've gone to some small races that were well done but several that were not. And none of them ever start on time! Kind of the luck of the draw.

It sounds like you had a great weekend. Hope that leaves you energized for the week ahead!