Saturday, May 29, 2010

Police Officers and Firefighters Memorial 5K and a Flying BBQ!

Race: Police Officers and Firefighters Memorial 5K
Distance: 5K (3.1069 mi)
Goal Time: None
Actual Time: 00:27:13 (8:45 min/mi)

This race was fun, although I was disappointed in myself with my time. I was hungry, and just wasn't feeling it this morning. I kept thinking I should have ate a whole burger last night, and not just half of one. The race started at 8AM, and by that time it was plenty humid! I spent the time before the run with one of the girls I train with, chatting, warming up, and stretching...this was great! :) Not too much to say about this race, as 5K's are so short. They're over before you start!

Flying BBQ's on the other hand, now there's a story! After the race, I left quickly, so that I could meet up with my family. My mother informed me that they were at Friedrich Park, and I should come and join them. I chose to take 281 to 410 to I-10. As I was approaching the 410/I-10 interchange, about a mile out, I noticed that the truck to my right, which I was starting to pass had a BBQ in the back of his truck that was teetering. This was a large BBQ that was not bungeed in or anything! (Think of your stereotypical Texan BBQ!)

I also looked to my left. There was a pick up, going just slighter faster than me, that noticed the same thing. Immediately, my brain said to my body, that BBQ is going to hit me in the face. Thank God the truck with a trailer to my left, noticed what I did, at the same time, and moved over a lane. I was able to speed up and move partially into the lane to my left, and the BBQ hit about a foot behind my car!

Thank you, Jesus for protecting me from flying BBQ's! The cars behind me were able to slam on their brakes and stop, and the truck who lost his BBQ also stopped. I am not sure what happened after that, as I continued on towards I-10, thankful that the BBQ did not want Faith on the grill!


Anonymous said...

Yay for the race and double YAY that you weren't hit by a flying BBQ!!! I'm sure that would be a tad terrifying! Sounds like nobody got hurt which is pretty amazing.

RuthT said...

What a MORNING! Glad you got to Friedrick Park to hike with us. Knowing God's protection on your life is AWESOME!