Sunday, May 15, 2011

Revisiting my personal 30 before 30

24 December 2011 I posted my personal 30 before 30. 30 things I desire to do, before I turn 30. I struggle, as I look at the list, and realize how few of my goals will become reality. I essentially have 3 months to "complete" my goals. In bold italics I will state which goals are completed or are in the process of completing.

3 months out, this is where I stand...

  1. BQ--Qualify for the Boston Marathon (Hurt my leg 2 weeks before my race, was not able to run as trained.)
  2. PR--By qualifying for Boston, I will make a personal record (Hurt my leg 2 weeks before my race, was not able to run as trained.)
  3. Continue having fun running
  4. Run a 3:30 marathon--8:00 min/mi pace (Hurt my leg 2 weeks before my race, was not able to run as trained.)
  5. Consistently weigh my ideal weight--more often than not, still working on this
  6. Eat proper and healthy--more often than not, still working on this
  7. Enjoy continued good health
  8. Be a better bump skier
  9. Learn to pole plant and use my poles when I ski
  10. Have a group of girls who love me enough to tell me when I'm outta line...I desire an accountability group, a core group
  11. Disciple a young woman
  12. Share Christ with someone
  13. Find a good community in H-town--this takes time and I am in the process
  14. Be more involved with local missions
  15. Go on another short term mission trip
  16. Be a better math teacher--I am trying new ideas and continuously learning new ways to teach each individual student.
  17. Be a better cook
  18. Play more cribbage
  19. Save $8,000 (ideally $10,000, but once I put money in my IRA, I don't think this is going to be possible)
  20. See my Grandma and extended family on Mom's side
  21. Spend time with my Grandparents and extended family on Dad's side
  22. Be a better daughter to my parents
  23. Be a better sister to my brother
  24. Be a fabulous sister to my new sister, Molly, Levi's fiance
  25. Be a better friend
  26. Be in a dating relationship
  27. Spend more time with God
  28. See God more clearly
  29. Love God more dearly
  30. Follow God more nearly
Wow, looking at this list, I have a lot of work to do! Especially 27-30. I need encouragement and accountability, and if you look at 10 and 13, I am still in search of this. There you have my revisitation of personal goals.

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