Sunday, April 29, 2007

Mileage Plus

So...I am on the phone with United Airlines, trying to sign up for their mileage plus. That was the easy part, now connecting the miles with my flight information out to Africa is the challenge. When I signed up the computer would not allow me to use my full name, which is found on the passport, but when I called Reservations to connect the miles to my flight, they said I must have the name that appears on the passport connected to the mileage plus number.

I have called mileage plus, to be told to call reservations, then called reservations and they said to call mileage plus to have them fix my name so it is as it appears on my passport, so...they could not fix it, but came sort of close, and that was that. I once again called mileage plus, and the man was very helpful. And I thought I was going to be finished when I called reservations, but hey, I was wrong. I called reservations and they added my flight, yah! But...when I was on mileage plus trying to choose my seats the computer systems would not allow me to do this, a PNR (not sure what this is) error. I called reservations back again.

Boy I am becoming good at listening to computer voices on the phone, it's kind of funny. I like to say, "person, person, person." And then the computer says, "Thank you, I will transfer you to a United Airlines representative."

Reservations was helpful, I am now waiting on the travel agency to do their part. Oh what fun!

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