Monday, April 30, 2007

HP and the IPOD

My old laptop is officially out of commission. This past weekend, Dad and I went notebook shopping. After visiting Sams, Costco, Best Buy, and Office Max, I determined what I wanted to purchase; a 17'' widescreen with 2GB memory, and a large hard drive. After checking stores, online ads, and everywhere else, I decided to go with the HP website, and customized my own computer. This enabled me to purchase the computer I want, plus "purchase" a free printer--Levi is in is a printer/copier/scanner deal. I am going to stick with my laser printer (Merry Christmas from Daddy!). The computer will arrive in a couple of weeks, the printer in a couple of days.

The only problem I had with ordering the computer/printer deal was that HP charged me for 2 printers, and I had to change that to one, which created quite a bit of hassle. Now, I am waiting on my credit card to be credited. If that does not happen in the next couple of business days, on the phone to HP will be me. Miscommunication happens. Oh well.

A student today gave me a skin for the IPOD Nano, he had an extra one, and just brought it, I was surprised, and appreciative. One less thing to think about buying. Miguel said he had 3, but I was shocked when he just gave me one of them today when I went to go help him with his work. :) Really, my students are the best.

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