Friday, May 04, 2007

Jesus Shoes

God likes to be in the schools. My students have named my Chacos "Jesus shoes" and "Africa shoes."

Yesterday, I was discussing graphs and one of the problem situations involved the tide level. I then proceeded to tell my students about being in Indonesia, and revolving around high tide/low tide to sail from island to island, which led to another question, which led to another question, and to yet another. Not only was our math lesson was taught, a wee bit of Geography discussed, they conveniently asked why I was in Indonesia--I could tell them no other answer, I went to Indonesia to tell people about Jesus!

I am reminded of a story that occurred a few weeks back. A student had asked to borrow my cell phone to call home. I gave them the phone and when they opened the phone, they noticed my phone read, "I love (Hey-Zeus) Jesus!" They proceeded to ask who "(Hey-Zeus) Jesus was, informing me that I said I was single and did not have a boyfriend. I laughed and said, "Jesus! This Jesus (Hey-Zeus) you are talking about is Jesus. The students' response was great, "Oh, wouldn't it be good if everybody loved Jesus?"

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