Saturday, August 29, 2009


On Saturday morning Masha and I went to the market to buy items for the apartment and for me to buy “house set-up goods.” That was my first Metro experience! I gave the machine 10 hrv. (pronounced gree-vins) And I received 5 tokens and three 50 copec pieces.

At the market, I purchased a nightstand, an umbrella, a nightlight, a blanket, some sheets, a garbage can, a mirror, and all sorts of good things to have. My favourite purchase was the blanket and sheets. The blanket is without down, so I am not allergic to it, and it can be one blanket thick, or two blanket thick in the winter. It uses snaps. The sheets I bought are cute, pink on one side, purple on the other side, butterflies and hearts.; very girly-girl. Since we had so much stuff, we took the taxi home. And yes, there’s a nut on every car! =)

Our new welcome mat inside of the apt. Masha and I both fell in love with this immediately so we bought it!

My new sheets--cute and girly!

In the late afternoon, Masha made Borscht. I decided I like Borscht. This was a new dish in my diet. The vegetables were directly from her families garden, double yummy! =)

First you cut the vegetables.

Then you saute them.

Boil potatoes.

Smile at your roommate who is taking pictures of you making a very common meal. This is Masha, one of two roommates.

Simmering potatoes and vegetables. This will become Borscht after a few hours. I forgot to take pictures of the final meal. It was delicious though! Guess I was too excited!

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Sue said...

Glad to see you're settling in. Do you like borsht? How about with sour cream on it? I can handle it, but I'm not big on the sour cream part.
How's your health? Did you finally recover from whatever you had before you left?