Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day #2 and #3 in Kiev

I slept until 9:30AM. 12 hours, not bad for me. Sleeping past 6AM, whoa now! I found some Honey Nut Cheerios and ate those for breakfast. Another odd thing, I don’t tend to eat cereal at home, unless it’s for bedtime snack. I lounged around most of the morning, trying to stay awake, and not do too much, as my body has been quite sick the past month in a half. Around 3:30PM I made use of the exercise bike, and showered. That was a big deal, a good one too! Aren’t you proud of me Mom, I forced myself to exercise! On my first day I had gone for a short walk in the neighborhood with Neva (Dai’s wife).

For dinner we ate cabbage and tomato salad, fresh from the garden, and had a cookout—potatoes, polish sausage, and hotdogs. Two other American missionaries joined us—Sarah and Lisa, they had both come in from Idaho, both of them have been here before, and are coming back for more of Ukraine!

Thursday was a good eventful. I exchanged some money, went to the second hand shop, Humana (Hugh-ma-nuh), and went to the orthodontist with Neva and her son’s—Casen and Nick. I then went with Dai and Jessica to pick up a new missionary at the airport, Jody. I was excited to go to Kiev Boristol Airport, this time not so zonked. I took a couple pictures, as I was too worn out the day I actually arrived.

Once at the house I helped make cabbage and carrot salad, and pizza for dinner. We (Wysong fam, plus myself, Jodi and Jessica) went downstairs to the basement to enjoy fellowship and dinner, watching Madagascar 2. I enjoyed the movie and the time I spent with the Wysong’s.

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RuthT said...

of course I am proud of you! Being able to exercise is always a good thing.