Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Outing

Going to the market is NOT enough excitement for one day. Especially during Independence day weekend. I took pictures of some random stuff that I thought was interesting. Once again, we rode the Metro to go downtown.

This is me locking the door. Our keys are different than the ones we have in the USA.

This is the steepest wheelchair ramp ever! Could you imagine pushing someone up, or even worse, down it? I’ll bring a ruler someday and calculate the slope. Yes, I am a math nerd!

This is me crossing the “Do not cross” line at the Metro.

I live in “Ah-bah-lawn.” That’s how you pronounce those odd looking characters.

This is me in downtown Kiev. I was at Independence square.

Here I am in front of the “Women of Ukraine” statue. She symbolizes the strength and power of the women in this culture. The women in this culture are strong leaders.

I read in my Ukraine history book a legend about the founders of Kiev, Ukraine and how the name came to be. “According to legend, it was Kyi, together with his brothers, Shchek and Khoriv, and sister, Lebid, who founded Kiev and gave it its name.”

This clock is made out of flowers.

Independence day celebration set-ups. The day of the concert would be Monday, on their actual Independence Day—24 August.

This is a music conservatory.

Pretty fountains.

Closed street due to weekend. Khreschatik is closed to cars every weekend.

Chestnut trees Christmas lights. One of the symbols of Ukraine. On the Metro token is a Chestnut leaf.

Ukraine Flags.

City Hall, Mayors Building.

First day of school is always the 1 Sept. even if it lands on a Saturday. It is considered a holiday. A senior, will take a first grade girl, to ring the bell, to signify the start of school—it is called “The Day of Knowledge.” Children go and meet their teachers, celebrate, and then go home.

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